Userenv 1030 & 1065

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Subject: Userenv 1030 & 1065
Posted by:  DrewB (Dre…
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009

We have two Domain Controllers on a standalone, disconnected network and I
use a WSUS server (not on either DC) to keep them and the other PCs on the
network up-to-date with patches and service packs. One of our DCs has started
to post both a 1030 and a 1065 error (source: Userenv) every 5 minutes. I'm
not sure what's wrong, but here are some behaviors I've noticed.
It is not replicating to the other DC and when I try to start Group Policy
Management, it takes several long minutes to start. In the System Log there
are many 10016 errors from the DCOM source. We recently added a large number
of policies to our network which may have caused this, but if that's the
case, I can't see why it would only affect one DC and not both.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!