Running a .exe as a service

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Subject: Running a .exe as a service
Posted by:  Stuart Hartley (StuartHartl…
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009


i need to run two applications as a service on windows 2003 64-bit R2. I
have tried instsrv / srvany, i can successfully add as a service yet i cannot
get it to actually launch the applications.
i tried following a few tips and tricks at but had no luck, they
suggested i try over here.
was wondering how it would be possible to launch a .bat file as a sevice so
that i don't have to rely upon the system being logged on (added to startup
i have done a search and saw a method of using a .batch file with a .reg
file to do this, however i was unable to get it to work.
was hoping a kind soul would be able to give some steps in order to


stuart hartley