Re: Unable to open exe,msc files

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Subject: Re: Unable to open exe,msc files
Posted by:  samanderson123 via (u502…@uwe)
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009

Admin wrote:
>In win 2003 ENT  sp2 if we type notepad,.msc,.exe files are not opening
>giving error  path not found.Even commands not working from command promt
>.How to fix it.System antivirus is upto date

Solution: 1: Create a restore point.
2: Create a directory called Driver1 under C:\Staging\I386\System32.
3: Copy the entire contents of the floppy disk/image provided by your vendor
to the Driver1 directory. This is the best way to ensure you don't omit any
DLL or other files required by the driver in order for it to load.
4: Using Notepad, open C:\Staging\I386\system32\winpeoem.sif.
5: Remove all semicolons from the [OEMDriverParams] section (three lines
6: Add Driver1 to the OEMDriverDirs line. Do not include quotes, and if you
need to repeat the first step for multiple drivers, add them here as well,
separated by commas.

7: Restart the computer and check it

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