Load Balance Problem

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Subject: Load Balance Problem
Posted by:  brian_altm…@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009

I am setting up Network Load Balancing and everything appears to be
working except I am having one issue.  I have 2 hosts set up for load
balancing and IIS set up on each.  I tried various client machines and
verified that they were alternating which host they were connecting
I then had a client connect to a web page on host 1, and then stopped
host 1 in NLB Manager.  What I expected to happen was that the client
would then connect to host 2 for web requests.  What I found though is
that it must still be trying to connect to host 1 (now offline)
because I was getting a page not found error.

Is this the downfall of using NLB, that a client that is currently
connected to a host that fails will still try to connect to the failed