How to Restore server to another box ?

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Subject: How to Restore server to another box ?
Posted by:  TIA (T…
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009

I installed a Windows Server 2008 on C: partition and then installed and
configured a number of our applications, all on C: partition (pretty time
After that, I used the native Windows Server 2008 Backup utility to back it
up (i.e. C: partition and System State) to a folder on D: partition.
Consequently, I copied this backup folder from the D: partition to another
network share, for "just in case".

And ofcourse, last week, my server crashed (datal disk error) and I needed
to restore the saved backup onto another box. I quickly installed a basic
Windows 2008 server software and copied the saved backup folder from the
network share onto the D: drive on this new box.

However, when I tried to use WBADMIN to restore the backup, it could find /
recognize the backup.

Any idea ?

How to restore the system backup (i.e. System State and C: partition) onto
another box with basic Windows 2008 server installed ?