Some parts of GPO not applied for some users

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Subject: Some parts of GPO not applied for some users
Posted by:  Steefozo (Steefo…
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009

Hi experts ,,,
Could some one please help me in identifying the following problem which
I've been investigating during the past three days with no solution?
I've redirected users folders to server share through GPO , some parts of
the GPO in not taking place for some users ,,,, for some all folders are
redirected as it should , for others only Desktop items are redirected , all
users are on same and Machines are on same OU , I tried the following : I've
blocked inheritance of the default GPO , linked the  OU GPO to domain root ,
tried access from different machines , and every time I was Gupdating the GPO
and using low time refresh rate for the GPO (3 minutes ) ,,,, Unsuccessfully
,,, I checked for those users "Resultant set of Policy - planning" and the
GPO sittings are set perfectly , but with Resultant set of Policy-logging I
found that only Desktop folder is set in the GPO redirection with
exclamations mark on those parts on the set) ,,,, I'm confused and don't know
what is preventing those parts form applying though ,,,,
This is Windows 2008 domain with XP-SP3  and vista clients using FSMO 2003 .
All other parts of the GPO are implemented on those clients like deploying
of a package , but regarding to redirection only Desktop items are redirected
while mydocuments is still on its location on the client machine , this is
not the case for other users where all of thier folders are redirected (even
when they log in from same machines where other users folders are not
redirected )...