Winload.exe Missing or Corrupt After ImageX /APPLY

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Subject: Winload.exe Missing or Corrupt After ImageX /APPLY
Posted by:  Stewart Berman (saberman@nospam.nospam)
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009

I wanted to move my system from one drive type to another.

I created a bootable Windows PE CD with ImageX.exe on it and booted it.
I then used
    IMAGEX /COMPRESS NONE /CAPTURE  C: C:\IMAGEING\Server2008.wim "Server2008"

To install the image:

1. In BIOS Setup made the target drive the one to boot from.
2. Booted from the Windows PE CD
3. Verified that the target drive was now the C: drive
4. Used Diskpart to do a quick format of the only partition on the C: drive and made sure the
partition was marked as Active.
5. Found the original system drive on D:
6. Used ImageX to Apply the image to the C: drive:
    IMAGEX /APPLY D:\IMAGING\<wim file name> 1 C:\
7. Used wpeutil to shutdown
8. Removed SATA cables from all drives except the target drive.
9. Powered up the system (removed CD)

Got a text screen saying that windows could not start because a file was missing or corrupt:

I booted the Windows PE CD and checked the C:\Windows\System32\ directory and Winload.exe is there.