Server2003 - is this possible?

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Subject: Server2003 - is this possible?
Posted by:  niteowl
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009

Hi all,

I'm a volunteer IT for a small middle school and am not very familiar
with the security possibilities of the Server 2003 O/S.  Google has
not turned up anything to my specific need.  I have one server 2003
with a shared folderfor the students to save files to from a computer
lab(XP Pro SP2) and wish to know if what I want to do is even

I would like for all students to be able to save files to this shared
server folder (sub folders for each teacher) and once the file is
saved have it become "read only" so that other students may not be
able to alter this original file, but that changes made by teachers
could be "saved as" a different name to allow for any
comments/feedback for these files(projects).  Basically keeping the
original file intact/protected.

I currently have the permissions set for  Change and Read but have not
checked the "Full Control" option, only listed user is "Everyone".

I tried it with just the "Read" option, but it wouldn't allow anyone
to save the original file.  Not sure what the difference is between
"Full Control" and "Change", as it appears they both allow the same
amount of access to the files.

As I said I'm not sure what I'm asking is even possible,  Thanks for
any wisdom.