GPO : Not working

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Subject: GPO : Not working
Posted by:  msvge@community.nospam
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009

I have established a new OU called ProxyTest, created a security group
within with members from different OUs that should be applied to proxy.  I
have created a GPO for ProxyTest called SquidProxy and selected specific IE
and FireFox settings.  I have specified my group for security on the GPO.  I
have ran gpupdate /force on both server and client box that I am testing.
The SquidProxy GPO does not show in gpresults.exe on the client or the
wizard on the server for that matter.  The default domain policy is set to
enforced, I have also set the squidproxy to enforced as well. I want all of
the default domain policy settings to still be applied to everyone but the
squid proxy settings only applied to subset.  SquidProxy is not working
please provide steps to check to resolve.