Problem with network drives disappearing after logoff / logon

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Subject: Problem with network drives disappearing after logoff / logon
Posted by:  Allyn (All…
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009

I'm troubleshooting a small domain with one Win2K3 and one Win2K domain
controllers. Recently, we've started encountering problems with users losing
every network drive upon logging back into the domain. The login script run
fine for every user when I manually point it to
\\servername\sysvol\...\login.vbs, and all drives re-appear. Log off and back
on, and all drives are missing. I've removed the login script from the group
policy, and there is not a logoff script, and even after the drives are
remapped and a user log offs and back on, the drives are once again missing.

The only recent change is that we've gone from Symantec Corp to Trend Micro,
so there is a Trend Micro batch files under the user account that has the


This only checks that Trend is installed, and installs it if it isn't present.

This problem didn't start at the exact same time as trend, but it was
noticed within a couple of days. I'm sure there is another issue, but I don't
know where to look next.

Thanks for any advice.