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Subject: CAL question(s)
Posted by:  Jim in Arizona (tiltowa…
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009

I'm a bit rusty on CALs.

If I already have a Server 2008 Standard in place which came with 5 User
CALs, and I buy 25 more CALs, that would allow 30 unique users to connect to
that server for whatever reasons, right?

Now, if I buy a second server with Server 2008 Standard, which comes with 5
User CALs, and I still expect the same 30 users to be connecting to that
server as well, do I need to buy another 25 CALs for that second server, for
a total of 60 user CALs?

Also, can you buy a Server 2008 Standard license with 5 Device CALs instead
of User CALs?

I find it very tricky/hard to keep track of when you start mix and matching
User and Device CALs. For some reason, I find it better to just buy Device
CALs if you're pretty much always going to have the same number of computers
(or the same computers) within your organization, but a more constant
rotation of personnel. Does this mentality sound accurate?

What if you have all device CALs, say 10 of them, which allows for 10
devices to connect. What if one of those devices, which is a workstation, is
retired and a new one put in its place; now, when the new workstation
connects to the server, it logs it as a new device connecting and uses up
another one of the device CALs, now showing 10 CALs purchased, but 11 in
use. How is this dealt with? You still only have 10 workstations (devices),
but the server is showing 11 unique devices in total.