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Subject: Re: Server Partition question
Posted by:  Danny Sanders (dsandersNOSP…
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009

We are using 50 gb c partitions for Win 2k8 and using a D drive.

I don't see any reason not to use a D drive.


"Chris" <Chr…> wrote in message
> Back when I first got involved in IT and became certified in NT 4.0, the
> best
> practice on servers was to have a system partition (C) and a data
> partition.
> Over the last 10 years our standard size for the system partition has
> continued to grow and grow, because so many third party applications will
> only install on C.
> Now as we are beginning to roll out Server 2008, we are re-evaluating if
> we
> want to have multiple partitions on app servers or go to one large volume.
> There are some cases where of course we will want to separate the
> applications for performance such as SQL. But the majority of our app
> servers
> are small 2 drive blade servers that do not require external storage and
> we
> just use a mirrored pair of disks with a C and D. Eliminating D would be
> easy, but it goes against our standards for the last 10 years.
> I am looking for feedback on what others are doing for partitions using
> local storage.
> Thanks
> Chris
> ccoates



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