Hyper-V problem - low disk space and a pending merge....help!

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Subject: Hyper-V problem - low disk space and a pending merge....help!
Posted by:  ewallig (ewall…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009


W2K8 Core as a host for several W2K8 and W2K3 guests. One of the W2K8 guests
is my Exchange 2007 server that is a bit low on disk space. At some point in
the past, I did a snapshot but had deleted it since it took up too much drive

Fast forward to tonight when I'm doing Core server updates and decided to
down the guests before I rebooted the host boxes (BL460c blades and a
MSA2012i SAN that houses all of the disks). When I rebooted one of the boxes
(not Exchange, thank God), a merge started on one of the guest W2K8 systems
that I had also done a snapshot on in the past. Unfortunately, that one was
also low on disk space and the merge just kept restarting and restarting.

After trying to move the snapshots around in vain, I was able to logon to
the SAN and expand the LUN that stores the "C:" drive of that vm. Once I did
an "extend volume" in disk management, the merge completed and the server
booted. It's working but there are some problems when accessing the GUI;
things don't work, the box blue-screened once, etc so I'm leaving it alone
and hoping that it will remain stable until weekend when I can rebuild it (or
find a easier solution first).

Back to my question - my Exchange vm has the same problem with disk space
and I definately don't want it acting stupid. I've got drive space left on
the SAN so I could expand the volume but I am looking for advice as to
whether or not this is a good idea or if it will cause problems. I have to do
something fairly soon as the core box needs its updates and will require a

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Thanks...