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Subject: Re: Unable to view shared folder
Posted by:  Dave Patrick (
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009

Might be some bad hardware. Try pinging one from the other. Also posting an
unedited "ipconfig /all" from both may help.



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"Admin" wrote:
> Hi,
> On win 2003 sp2 ent ip host name pc1 .Its a work group
> computer.We have created a shared folder named test and shared to
> Administrator full control .The folder security permissions given full
> control to Administrator.When we want access this folder from another
> system in the same lan PC2 ip using \\ or \\PC1 we could
> not able to access giving error "network path not found".Then I checked
> service name called computer browser on PC1 its started and automatic.I
> did telnet from PC2 using command telnet 445 its not happening
> then i checked on PC1 start>Run
> \ or \\PC1  Its giving error network path not found so I thought
> the problem in PC1 server it self i checked 445 port status on pc1 it not
> enabled below is the netstat -na command result. I checked net bios over
> tcp ip option on lan card properties on pc1 its enabled.BY default shares
> C$,ADMIN$,etc ... enabled.Scanned the PC1 with Latest symantic antivirus
> no virus found ,windows firewall already disabled.PC1 till the dated fully
> patched with os pathes what could be the reason.
> c:\
etstat -na
> Active Connections
>  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
>  TCP                LISTENING
>  TCP                LISTENING
>  TCP              LISTENING
>  TCP              LISTENING
>  TCP              LISTENING
>  UDP            *:*
>  UDP          *:*
>  UDP          *:*
>  UDP          *:*
>  UDP          *:*
>  UDP        *:*
>  UDP        *:*
>  UDP        *:*


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