Subnetting question - running two subnets

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Subject: Subnetting question - running two subnets
Posted by:  Fox1977 (foxj…
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009

Hi there, not a windows question as such but wondering if anyone can
help me out.

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with this issue.  I have 15+
windows 2003 servers running on one subnet /25 that is running behind
a cisco firewall.

We are close to using all of our IP addresses and i have just managed
to secure a /24 subnet.  I am trying to figure out the best way to run
these two subnets in my solution side by side.  The firewall in our
solution has now been setup by our hosting company to route between
the two subnets/vlans.  The port going to the firewall has been switch
to a trunk port to handle the two vlans.  I have now got a port on the
switch setup in the new vlan and another trunk port.

I am looking at using Vmware ESX vswitches to add a second network
card on our virtual machines going onto the new subnet/vlan.  With the
trunk ports going all the way to the firewall the two subnets should
be able to talk to each other.

On the second network card in the servers will i need to add a gateway
on the new subnet or will the server use the gateway on the first
card.  If i do add two gateways how will the server decide what
gateway to use?

I need to start using the new subnet as I need to setup new sites on
unqiue IP addresses.  These sites run againts different database
servers on the original subnet (soon the DB servers will be on both

Can anyone help with the above questions.  Any tips and ideas on how
best to set this up would be appreciated.

thanks in advance