Server 2003 Error/Issue

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Subject: Server 2003 Error/Issue
Posted by:  Mark Finn (mfinn70*removethis*
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009

After installing MS Updates and rebooting one of our 2003 servers yesterday,
I received a ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupted error.  I did everything in
my power to correct this, but to no avail.

I finally made the decision to repair the OS.  This seems to have gone
smoothly and the server is back up and running.  However, there is a catch.
During the repair, I was asked for the product key.  I entered the product
key and all appeared well at first.  The server booted up and prompted me
for a login.  Upon logging in as Administrator, I was asked to activate the
product.  I selected "Yes" and it logged me out and left me at the login
prompt.  From what I have read in the MS KB, this is indicative of the
product not being activated in a timely manner.  Since this was a repair,
and not a fresh install, this doesn't make sense.  Unfortunately, this is
where I'm stuck.  The server is up and running, all of the services appear
to be running, and I can map drives via the network.  I just can't log in.

Is there a way to activate the product without being able to log in?  I
would imagine, since I found the KB article describing this exact issue,
that there is a fix, right?

Any help on this matter would be appreciated.