Re: Server loses network - bizzare behavior

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Subject: Re: Server loses network - bizzare behavior
Posted by:  dan (dvwesty@newsgroup.nospam)
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009

If none of the other things you're going to try happen to work, I would
suggest taking one or both of the problem servers temporarily off the KVM to
see if that device could be the cause. Perhaps it's unlikely, but worth a

"Bartly" <Bart…> wrote in message
> We have two servers that are both exhibiting bizzare behavior. The first
> thing you notice is that they are not available on the network. When you
> go
> to the console and login, the mouse cursor is out of control and wanders
> all
> over the desktop, unusable. Then you Ctrl-Alt-Del and restart the server.
> It
> hangs on the way down before it leaves windows all the way, blue windows
> desktop but no icons.  At that point you hard reset it and it comes back
> up
> okay and is fine for a few days until it happens again.
> When viewing the system event log the only error you see is:
> PlugPlayManager Event ID 12
> The device 'MATSHITA UJDA780 DVD/CDRW'
> (IDE\CdRomMATSHITA_UJDA780_DVD/CDRW_______________CA21____\5&871aba8&0&0.0.0)
> disappeared from the system without first being prepared for removal.
> Whe you look at the application event log, about thirty seconds after the
> Event 12 error, you start seeing errors indicating the loss of network
> activity, cannot find the DC etc.
> One server is WIndows 2003 R2 Standard and runs a web application on an
> x3250 box.
> THe other server is Windows 2003 x64 and runs Exchange 2007 Client Access
> on
> a IBM x3350 box.
> All the firmware on the servers is up to date and all the micirosft
> updates
> are installed.



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