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Subject: Re: new permissions question
Posted by:  Pegasus [MVP] (ne…
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009

"Kim K" <Ki…> wrote in message
> Good morning,  I know that I can grant special permissions to disallow
> delete, rename etc, but am faced with a new issue.
> THe office owners want me to lock the data all down, basically, I have
> several folders on the server that I can grant special permissions to -
> but
> can I prevent it from being copied to another location such as a USB or a
> CD?
> I personally think that I cannot disallow the CD burning, unless I
> disconnect the power to the CD rom, and as far as the USB, they use them,
> and
> I can not disable USB in BIOS if they are using them.  Any other ideas?
> Thanks!

If your users can read a file then they can copy it. You can't have one
without the other.



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