ntbackup: restore from previous version?

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Subject: ntbackup: restore from previous version?
Posted by:  Clif McIrvin (clare.moe@nevergmail.com.invalid)
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009

workstation: XP Pro SP3

I need to do a restore (system state - ws) from a previous version of a
.bkf that is present on the previous version tab of the current .bkf
that resides on the server.

Is there a way to do this without copying the entire previous version
.bkf from the server to the client ws? I clicked the "view" button on
the previous version tab and ntbackup opened up; but I was unable to
actually "see" the previous version.

Unfortunately, this question is beyond the knowledge of the "IT dept" of
the small company where I work, so I'm turning to the newsgroup

[I've got a "truckload" of background information if anyone wants to ask
questions; I'm just trying to avoid overload of irrelevant information.]

[Sorry, I don't know enough to know how to find out what server my
company is using; for internal reasons it's not feasable to ask -- that
tends to cause more problems than it solves.]

[If this is the wrong newsgroup, please point me in the right

Thanks for any help!