Users slow after server shutdown

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Subject: Users slow after server shutdown
Posted by:  Anthony (Antho…
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009


We are just retiring one of our 2003 servers from the network because we
have a new 2008 server, I have done the file migration and everyting was
great until I turned off the old server.

I don't want to do a DCPROMO down just yet in case there are any issues so I
have just switched it off but this has caused one issue for just a couple of

What is happening is whichever pc they log onto is incedibly slow opening
any resources at all whether they are network based or not. If I log onto the
same pc then things are pretty normal.

I think that there must be some link with the user account and the old DC
but I cannot find anything.

Can anyone help?