Schema Upgrade to Version 31

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Subject: Schema Upgrade to Version 31
Posted by:  tlc (t…
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009

I have recently introduced a print server into our environment. All servers
and DC's are Win2K3, however, the new print server is the only R2 server.
This is because I want to take advantage of the new Print Management Console.
I attempted to deploy printers with Group Policy and received and error. From
the error, I learned I needed to upgrade my Schema. I ran adprep from the 2nd
CD for R2 as instructed. No errors, but the schema is still at 30. When I ran
the command "schupgr", I received the following-
Opened Connection to ServerX (Schema Master)
SSPI Bind succeeded
Current Schema Version is 30
ERROR: Cannot obtain schema version to upgrade to: 1

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.