Automated storage reporting

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Subject: Automated storage reporting
Posted by:  kevin (kev…
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009

I have an environment with Windows 2008 (file servers) and Windows 2003
servers.  I’m looking for a solution to help me track storage utilization
(eg. By volume) over time so I can make storage related decisions.  It would
also help me plan for a new BDR solution I’m looking at that would ship data
to an offsite storage location (at the vendor; it does this by volume).
Emailing reports and saving them to a folder location/database would be good

I have looked at the FSRM reports and, while they’re useful if I want to
know user and file usage, it doesn’t seem to give me what I’m after.  Volume
Quotas only seem to be able to warn me at thresholds but not give me the
trending information I’m looking for.

I had thought about trying to use Performance Monitor logging; scripting;
etc. But would prefer something more turn-key, unless someone has already
worked up a procedure/script that I could use.

So, what solutions would you recommend for this?  Naturally, if it was
built-in that would be best but I’ll take 3rd party open/closed source
solutions as well.