HELP Needed: Win2k3 - How to restrict Internet access after log on expires.

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Subject: HELP Needed: Win2k3 - How to restrict Internet access after log on expires.
Posted by:  adm…
Date: 23 Jun 2006

Hi all,

I hope you maybe able to help this newbie to Win2k3 server gain some
control over users and internet use.

My setup, 1 x win2k3( 2 NIC), with AD and DC running, 3 x win xp pro
workstations, 1 x Win2k pro workstation, 2 x Win XP pro laptops. 8 user


What I am trying to acheive from the win2k3 box is to force users to
logoff when logon time expires, ( example: outside office hours) as at
present only the network resources become unavailable when the logon
time expires. At present if the user logs on during office hours, the
user has all the uses of the LAN network resources and access to the
Internet during office hours. Once the logon time expires the LAN
resources are disabled ( no file sharing, no printers), but the
internet is still accessible from the WAN NIC. At present my users
frequently forget to logout. Thus leaving the internet connection open.

In the Domain security policy & Domin controller security policy I have
enabled "force logoff, when logon time expires" and "disconnect when
logon expires" in the security options tab. Is there anything further I
can do to force the client pc's off within Win2k3, as this setup so far
does not secure / limit the internet to logon hours.

Is this possible within the standard Win2k3 server setup, or is a third

party application required?

I see that Windows vista parental control provides this functionality
of internet restriction,
however this would need to be installed locally on all of the WinXP
machines and not controlled by the server.

If I have posted this to the wrong group, please accept my apologies,
and if possible advise where to post my query.

Thanks for your  help in advance and any  suggestions would be