WINS Error - 4260 and 4261

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Subject: WINS Error - 4260 and 4261
Posted by:  Idris (idr…
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007

Wondering if anyone can help with this at all. Cross posted to a few places
as sure most people have had experience of WINS here.

I've got 2 WINS servers  (very old). On one  I keep getting system event
errors all day long which are event id 4260 and 4261. I've googled and
googled but can't find anything that fixes it.

Below are the errors. If anyone could help/offer suggestions i'd greatly


ERROR 4260
WINS got an error while registering replicas.  It will not register any more
replicas of this WINS (address is in data section 4th-8th byte; also check
previous log entry)  at this  time.  Please check a previous log entry to
determine the reason for this. If this error persists  over time i.e. you
get the same error during subsequent replication with the  above partner
WINS, you may want to restore the database from the backup.

ERROR 4261
WINS got an exception while trying to register a group's replica with name
NTDOMAIN*    . The replica is owned by WINS with address given below.

*NT domain is substituted for our NT domain name.