Copying Local Account Permissions

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Subject: Copying Local Account Permissions
Posted by:  Brian (Reply2…@Here)
Date: Thu, 8 May 2008

Pardon the multipost, but I thought this is better related to security.

We have a server that has several hundred local user accounts. These local
accounts have specific permissions to different directories on the server.
While setting up a new server to replace this one, I have copied over the
user accounts with a tool called "winzero server migration tool" and also
brought the files over with their permissions using ntbackup on the current
server and restoring them to the new server. However, the association
between the security on the files and the user accounts has been lost. If I
look at the directory security on the new server, it shows several accounts
in the style of xxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxx, which I assume is the identifier of
the account on the current server. Is there a way to fix this?

So far I have looked at robocopy and subinacl. Both seem to be focused on
working with domain accounts not local accounts. So no help, unless I have
missed something.