How to Block UltraSurf?

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Subject: How to Block UltraSurf?
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Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008

I found an App called UltraSurf. The App listens on port TCP:9666 on and XP Firewall does not block the software. UltraSurf starts a
"proxy" and bypass proxies opening TCP/443 conenctions with proxies arround
the world (mid-east and Asia)

In Vista the native firewal blocks the software.

How can i block the software? Using SRP is not enough because there are
various versions and the software auto-updates and changes the hash and there
is a "portable" version, so, the Path Rule cannot be used too.

Wich client-solution i need to block the UltraSurf from bypassing my proxy

The IPs i found, of open proxies used by UltraSurf