Sharing encrypted folder

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Subject: Sharing encrypted folder
Posted by:  DPM (…
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2008

Environment: Server2008-x64 enterprise, XPpro SP2 client.

I want to set up a shared encrypted folder on Server2008, so I:
  1.. Logged on the server as admin and created folder "secure", marked it
as encrypted.
  2.. This new encrypted folder inherited full-control access permissions
from user x.
  3.. I go to my XP machine, map a network drive to "secure" using user x.
So far, so good.
  4.. I try to write a file to "secure"; permission is denied.
  5.. I then go back to the server and copy the file to "secure" - no
  6.. On XP I export x's certificate (both keys) and successfully import it
into the server.
  7.. On the server I try to add x's certificate to the file; I click "add",
select x's certificate and click OK.  Result: no error message, but x is not
What's the problem here? Why won't S2008 add the certificate, and if there's
a problem why no error message?  Is this a known bug?

If I turn encryption off x can access the folder normally, so this is
definitely encryption-related.

Is there a way to allow user x on the XP box to use the secure folder just
like any other shared folder?  It's a pain to have to add x's cert to every
file manually.

What am I doing wrong here?