access file shares from a service

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Subject: access file shares from a service
Posted by:  Chris Curvey (ccurv…
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009

I'm trying to get access to a file share from a subprocess within a
windows service.  Within my service, I launch another process that
runs an executable.

This works:

dir c:\ > c:\foobar.txt

this works if I run it through a command window, but fails if I run it
through my service.  (I am having trouble capturing the error message,
I'm tracking that down separately.)

dir j:\ > c:\foobar.txt

I am logged on as MYDOMAIN\ccurvey, and the server is running as
MYDOMAIN\ccurvey (I had to grant that account "log in as a service").

Can I do what I'm trying to do with domain accounts, or do I have to
create local accounts on the two machines?