Licensing Fileservers?

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Subject: Licensing Fileservers?
Posted by:  Jay Becker (JayBeck…
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006

Hello everyone.

We are having some licensing confusion and were hoping someone could help us
out.  We just purchased a new Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller to
replace our old Windows Server 2000 DC.

So, we have approximetely 25 devices in our office, so we purchased 25 CALs
and figured we would go into Per Device mode.  Also, we have 2 file servers
running Windows Server 2003, each with 5 CALs set to per/server mode.

Our goal is to have everything per device, so all licensed clients can have
access to all the servers.  So far that is working great.  The question is
about the licensing on the 2 Fileservers.  Right now they are set to 5
per/server on each.  Can I remove those CALs and attach them to the
Enterprise licensing?  Meaning, I have the 25 we just purchased, can I remove
the 10 from the file servers, and add them to the 25, so we have 35 CALs?
And if I do so, can the fileservers talk to each other file and to the DCs?

I guess the confusion is really about the servers.  Am I right in assuming
that each server needs a single CAL, just like a desktop client?

We really appreciate any feedback.

Jay Becker