Problems logging in - I screwed something up.

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Subject: Problems logging in - I screwed something up.
Posted by:  David DeBoer (…
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006


I screwed something up.  I was having issues with users using remote
workplace, not being able to log in because of local policies.  Last week I
finally resolved it.  Everything seemed fine.  This morning I sat in front
of the server and tried to log in and I couldn't because of local policies.
Yet if I go to my desk and log in using remote desktop I can get right in.
I'm not sure what it was I might have changed to cause this.  My paranoia is
getting the best of me.  Now I'm afraid that if I change something else I
won't be able to log in remotely either.

Any thoughts on what I might have done and how to fix it??  Is there any way
to restore default policy settings??

Thanks in advance....