Best method to pre-install updates for Server build images

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Subject: Best method to pre-install updates for Server build images
Posted by:  Brian (newsgrou…
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007

Hi.  We are currently trying to decide on the best way to install updates on
our Windows 2003 Server builds.  We normally create a default build for a
particular hardware type with any required updates and specific software for
a server role, sysprep the box and take an image which we can re-apply

At the moment we have been quite happy with slipstreaming on Windows 2003
but found this previously inconsistent on Windows 2000 Server with a number
of errors.  Subsequently we are still deciding whether slipstreaming is best
or whether we should create the basic build with a standard MS original disk
e.g. 2003 Server Standard SP1 and then script the installation of all
updates, apply any configurations to the image, sysprep and then take an

Does anyone have any advice on what method they think is best and why ?  [We
haven't ruled out WSUS or SMS for doing this pre or post build deployment
but specifically want to look at reducing the required patches at build