Win 2003 64 bit

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Subject: Win 2003 64 bit
Posted by:  Jam (…
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007

I've just started at a new company. The previous IT guy has left. Before he
left he ordered to Win 2003 R2 64 bit servers. One was for exchange 2007 I'm
not sure what he intended to do with the other one and he is not here to
ask. I don't have any experience of 64 bit computing; so my question is can
I run ordinary 32 bit software (not drivers etc ) on a 64 bit machine as 16
bit software will run on a 32 bit machine. We have no 64 bit software other
than exchange which I'm about to install but we do have SQL 2005 32 bit
amongst other things which I could use the server for.