Windows Server 2003 Performance Report

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Subject: Windows Server 2003 Performance Report
Posted by:  Jim Peterson (JimPeters…
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007

I have a client that is Using Windows SBS 2003. I recently added (3) new hard
drives in a RAID 5 configuration. The are (2) arrays on the server. The
original RAID 5 configuration, and the new RAID 5 configuration. The total
size of the new configuration is 146 GB. The available hard drive space is
146 GB. Every morning I receive the below error from the Windows Server 2003
Performance Report.

Alert on SERVER at 8/29/2007 8:49:08 AM

The following disk is low on free disk space. Low levels of free disk space
can cause performance problems and prevent users from saving files on the

Drive Letter: HarddiskVolume5
Free Disk Space: 0.000000. MB
% Free Disk Space: 0.000000.%

You can disable this alert or change its threshold by using the Change Alert
Notifications task in the Server Management Monitoring and Reporting taskpad.

How do I get Windows to recognize that the drive isnt out of space?


Jim Peterson