where to place my new 2k3 server

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Subject: where to place my new 2k3 server
Posted by:  news.microsoft.com (antonia_jasp…@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2007

I intend to add in another new window 2003 server to my existing network
that has a windows 2003 AD

This new server will be running an accounting software, it will be access by
by internal user as well as external user via Citrix.

Q1. On the firewall end, I do not know should I place  this server at
differentt zone(DMZ) or in my Internal Lan , where my Ad and all user pc are

Q2. Should I make new new server a workgroup or member server of my exitsing

Q3 On the firewall,, can a member server sit in a different zone where a AD