ADS capture timing out

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Subject: ADS capture timing out
Posted by:  pdx (p…
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008

I'm trying to work with ADS 1.1. My first test machine was a HP ML370 (old
machine) and everything went well and I had full functionality from ADS
(capture images, run jobs, create custom jobs/new sequences and run those,
etc). Then I started working with a HP DL360 G4 (newer machine) as the test
machine. The machine is connected to the console, I can successfully run jobs
against the machine, etc but I cannot capture an image. The image capture
starts and progresses to various levels (1% up to 61% so far) and fails with
the messages "Timed out when waiting for data from the remote machine" and
"The network circuit was disconnected".
At first I was using the same switch (Cisco) as when successfully capturing
the image from the ML370 but after doing all routine network trouble-shooting
I could think of (new data cable, different switch ports, Auto on nic then
100/Full on nic, etc) I switched to a different switch and the capture is
still failing.
Is there any log on the ADS console machine that can give me insight as to
why the capture is failing? (I haven't found any reference to one and I doubt
it exists).
Is ADS a viable - though terribly documented tool - or is it a piece of junk
and not worth using?