Virtual server 2005R2 keyboard problems.

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Subject: Virtual server 2005R2 keyboard problems.
Posted by:  TransGalactic HitchHicker (TransGalacticHitchHick…
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008

I see it at some web pages when looking for it.
I'm not aware of any KB article describing it.

I have a brand new laptop xp with dualcore speedstep CPU
Now it seems i have timing problems under virtual server 2005.

This results in problems with the screen input
For example keys verry often hang or dont respond at all
Some times i gotttttttttttttttttttt  <==things like that.
A bigger keyboard problem is that the Enter key often does not respond
It's realy problematic i try rebooting virtual machines, it takes lots of
time to get something done this way

Some people at websites told me to put power settings to always on
Didn't solve it. Others advised to run Seti at home
(which keeps CPU utilzation always at 100%) doesn't solve it either.
I disabled as much fancy options regarding to my cpu in the bios also with
no effects.

I'm a bit out of options now