terminal server questions

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Subject: terminal server questions
Posted by:  frankie (frank…@news.postalias)
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008

I am completely clueless about how to setup terminal services and have a few

1.) Does Windows 2003 Server standard come with terminal services capability
built in?

2.) Can a Windows 2003 Server be setup as a terminal server in a "peer to
peer" network, or must you have an active directory domain established in
order to utilize it?

3.) Other than purchasing the correct number of CAL's, what else needs to be
done to make the Windows 2003 server operate as a terminal server.

4.) Can the licensing manager be setup on the same server that is being used
as the terminal server, or must it be on a seperate server.

Basically, I have a client with 15 users, who only needs to run one
application.  They are transferring the application from an old UNIX server.
They already have a small peer to peer netwrok setup with access to the
Internet.  I want to add this Windows 2003 terminal server to run this one
application.  Are their any "gottchas"?

Thank you