How long to re-install SBS 2003 and all updates?

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Subject: How long to re-install SBS 2003 and all updates?
Posted by:  planetearth (planetear…
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008

Greetings, everyone!
I have a new client who's a bit on the "frugal" side, and while his SBS 2003
installation is a mess (which I inherited), he's not convinced it needs to be
wiped and re-installed. The current installation won't make backups, won't
accept updates, won't allow OWA...and pretty much won't do anything it's
supposed to, including shut down properly. On top of that, one of the
mirrored drives in the RAID array is failing.
I see now that he was, "thrifty" to pay anyone to maintain the
system, even though there are only four (yes, 4) accounts on it.
I've given him an esimate on how long it would take to back up the current
system, replace the RAID drive, re-install SBS 2003 (and apply all the
updates), and re-create the accounts, but he'd like some third-party
That said, I'd certainly appreciate it if anyone here would just drop me a
line or two, letting me know how long it's taken you to install and update
SBS 2003. It's taken me anywhere from 8-14 hours, depending upon the
configuration, and I'm estimating this job at closer to 16 hours (since I
have to replace a failed CD-ROM and floppy drive, and create an updated
disaster recover image, too).
This is a pretty basic SBS installation, by the way. No IIS, no Web
server...nothing but OWA, really. Four users, four computers.
I'm just going to show him the replies to this thread, so please feel free
to say what you honestly feel on how long it should take. And if I'm way off
on my estimate, please let me know that, too!
Thanks in advance!