trying to move my server

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Subject: trying to move my server
Posted by:  excel user (excelus…
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008

I have a small client server network.  The server is running small business
server 2003.  The room the server is in is not temperature controlled, so i
need to move the server.  Here's a brief description of our netowork layout.
The internet modem and router are in the main building.  The internet feed
goes into the router, then to a switch.  The router acts as DHCP.  From the
switch come all the network cables.  The server is at the end of one of those
network cables in the main building.  The server acts as the DNS server.
Also coming out of the switch are two network cables which "feed" the
internet/network to two other buildings, right next door.  In each of the two
other buildings, the "feed" is divided out to the individual offices with
another switch.  I am trying to move the server from the main building to one
of the other two buildings.  Problem is, when i did that, I cannot access the
internet from either the server or any of the workstations.  The only
difference I can tell from the way it's physically hooked up is that it then
is connected via an extra switch.  How do I make this work?  Can it be done?
Please help, it's getting hot in the current "server room" in the main
building.  PS the server uses a static IP, but it doesn't seem to matter if I
connect the server to a different port on the main switch, it works in any