Partition Size during Setup

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Subject: Partition Size during Setup
Posted by:  Ben Cooper (BenCoop…
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008

Hi I am installing Win2K3 Enterprise R2 x32 onto a new Dell server.  There
are 8 physical disks in a RAID6 array, totalling 2.4TB.  The problem comes
during Setup, when it is time to create the partition to install Windows
into.  I press C to create a new partition, but It won't let me use the
maximum size that it shows available to me.  Pressing Enter to accept this
value literally does nothing.

Trying to get around this, I just set a 20GB partition for the OS, leaving
the other space unpartitioned.  Setup went well, but when I used Disk
Management to go back and create the partition in the remaninig space, it
showed me one section of "Unallocated Space" of 2TB and another section of
Unallocated Space of .4TB.

Is there a partition limitation to 2TB?  This is basically just going to be
a file/archive server, and I would like just one huge partition if possible.