big problems after adding a 2008 dc to a 2003 server domain

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Subject: big problems after adding a 2008 dc to a 2003 server domain
Posted by:  Eddie Walker (ewalke…
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009

I made sure that my forest and domain levels were at 2003. I have one 2003
I wanted to add a 2008 DC so that I can beging moving things over and
eventually retiring the old DC.

I added the ad role to the server, then ran DC promo. It prompted me to
answer yes/no about the DNS server (authoritative i think) I answered yes
and let it continue, it appeared to go through, but then I noticed in error
log that the file replication service wasnt working. on the 2008 DC there
was on netlogon or sysvol share.

I checked the 2003 DC, and it also had an journal wrap error and a message
about not being able to replicate from the other DC (it gave the liste of
three things: check dns, etc).

I looked up how to remedy the wrap error i made the entry in ntfrs parameter
(1 to rebuild it). It appared to do it thing and I changed it back to 0.
Afterwards, I could no longer via remote desktop login to the 2003 DC. I
went on site, checked the log, I was able to sign in there, but it was
obvious the login script wasnt running (we use desktop authority so u see
splash screen at login).

The error logs say that the DC couldn't be contacted / couldnt be found. I
tried stopping / starting file replication, it said it needed to check
sometihng before making it available for login requests, but so for is
pretty much dead.

I'm able though to access shares if i type the \\server\share.

any idea how to fix this mess?

any help greatly appreciation.