Windows 2008 - Hyper V Role cannot be added

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Subject: Windows 2008 - Hyper V Role cannot be added
Posted by:  Mehbs (msama…
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009

I just bought a server with Intel motherboad and intel processor.  I also
enabled hardware-assisted virtualization in BIOS.  After installing windows
2008 server, I tried to add a Hyper V role, it is giving me an error and
does not let me add.

Is there any work around?

See the error message below.

[Window Title]
Add Roles Wizard

[Main Instruction]
Hyper-V cannot be installed

Server Manager has detected that the processor on this computer is not
compatible with Hyper-V. To install this role, the processor must have a
supported version of hardware-assisted virtualization, and that feature must
be turned on in the BIOS.


More about the pre-requisites for installing Hyper-V