Signed Driver not Recognized by 64-Bit Server 2008

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Subject: Signed Driver not Recognized by 64-Bit Server 2008
Posted by:  Andrew Hayes (AndrewHay…
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009

I'm attempting to install English Server 2008 Standard x64 on a PowerEdge 850
using the May 2008 MSDN Disc 4454, but the install does not recognize that
the 64-bit driver for the Adaptec CERC controller is signed.

However, if I install the Japanese Server 2008 Standard x64 from the May
2008 MSDN Disc 4461 it works fine and detects the drive.

I've downloaded the driver set from both the English and Japanese Dell
websites, and they are identical. I've also confirmed that the cercsr6.sys
file is signed with a valid certificate issued to Adaptec from Verisign with
an expiry date of 2010/02/07.

I can install the 32-bit Server 2008 using the 32-bit driver from the Dell
website, but since I want to evaluate using Hyper-V to virtualize our
development environment, I need 64-bit Server 2008.

Has anyone else had this issue where Server 2008 refuses to accept a signed
64-bit driver?