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Subject: Logon Scripts
Posted by:  TCS (Someone
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009

I'm not quite sure that this belongs in this group, so please bear
with me.

We run Server 2003, SP2.  We have two (2) Domain Controllers ( DCs ),
approx two (2) dozen plus VMware servers, and a couple more pysical
servers besides our DCs.  We use Backup Exec v12.5 to back up our

Last week I had occasion to...ahhh...fix an error I had made.  I went
to my backups, and restored BOTH DCs to a different location.  I
wanted to retrieve all my logon scripts.

Imagine my surprise, when my backups retrieved...NOTHING.  Well, okay,
techically not nothing.  I mean it appears that everything on both DCs
did restore.  Everything EXCEPT my logon scripts.  In fact, the SYSVOL
folder is the last folder/file down the tree that did restore.
Anything BELOW SYSVOL, nada, zip, zilch.  So...

Now I'm trying to determine if this is normal, or I have some sort of
problem that I need to fix.

( I currently can't get onto Symantec's forums, as I have in the past,
so I don't know what they [would] say about this. )

Is it 'normal' that I cannot back up my logon scripts, so that any
restore won't get them?  Or do you think that I have a Backup Exec

Any help would be most appreciated.  Thanks in advance,