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Subject: Win2k3 AD AND DC BACKUP and RESTORE in case of DISASTER.
Posted by:  Ricus (Ric…
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009

I have  a question about setting up a ad/dc backup so I will be able to
restore my dc's and ad from Complete failure.

Please note I want to only use the built in tools available from MS with
server 2003 and I will not be allowed to buy a 3rd party tape backup
solution/agent  that will allow me to do this.

Firstly the ASR wizard creates stiffies after I connect a USB stiffy drive
to my server. Then I save a full backup as a file
(including the system state) to external HDD.

Should this be sufficient to allow me to resore my server to other hardware
incase a tank drives over my server cabinet?

Would I have to use the exact same hardware for the restore?

If this is true is there a way for me to get this setup so I can install on
to diffrent hardware?

Would a system image through something like ghost be a option?

But once again since I am running raid I have tried using ghost with raid
drives and the result was not very Encouraging.

This is why I like the image based backup coming to windows finnaly in vista
and server 2008.

Any info or helpfull advice appreciated.