Advice wanted on setting user permissions - Group policy etc

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Subject: Advice wanted on setting user permissions - Group policy etc
Posted by:  eggedd2k (chrisnrach…
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009

I'm just in the process of setting up a couple of shiny new Dell
servers for our organisation.  They're going to be replacing our
existing Windows 2000 Server infrastructure.

I want to get permissions for users correct from the start.

Basically I want to achieve the following:

- Users can run all of our core business apps
- Users cannot install any software  (i.e. downloading and installing
apps etc)
- Users cannot access their C: drive (for obvious reasons)
- Users cannot access display properties (basically no custom

Locking down the C: drive etc I already have in place via Group Policy
but with regards to allowing users to run core business apps without
giving them permissions to install software I would like some advice

Am I right in saying users need to be in the Power Users group?
Presumably anything higher than this is more than a users should be
able to do?

thanks in advance