Dying Disks on Mirrored Win 2003

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Subject: Dying Disks on Mirrored Win 2003
Posted by:  Travis McGee (travisGatesMcG…@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009

Have a 2003 Dell Server with 8 bays

The O/S C:\ drive and data drive E:\ are mirrored.
Everything is on 145G Seagate Cheetah (or Barracuda) SCSI disks.

Somehow occasionally, the mirror (secondary ones) do orphan - never the
Original (primary disks) on both C:\ and E:\
50% of the times, I reactivate the disk, resynch and done.

But in half of the cases, I cannot reactivate the disk, it is totally dead.
I cannot reformat and reuse.

The issue is why it is "always" the mirrored secondary disk.
And also, why they die totally without any physical harm, to the extend that
they have to be destroyed or sent to Seagate.

Is this is common thing with Mirroring?  I haven't seen this in my previous
life with 3-4 years on different servers.