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Subject: Off-Line Files Tips
Posted by:  Mojo (
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009

Hi All

I know this is probably old hat to you, but I have a Win2003 server to WinXP
Pro SP2/3 clients setup and I've inherited a config whereby the user's My
Docs is redirected from a server location (which is fine for wired machines)
but user's laptops are set for off-line access so that they can take them
home, do work, come back in and sync, etc.

Now in theory the process seems nice and straightforward, but I can't
believe that this Microsoft default setup of ticking Enable Offline files
just works 100% so I just wanted to know if anybdoy had any tips/tricks re
this process.

I've noticed that even though I can right-click on any folder in a user's My
Docs and see Make Available Offline, it is disabled so I can't actually
select certain folders to be un-synced.  Do you just have to live with this?

It would be great to let my users know that they can put any personal
videos, pics, music, etc in a specific My Docs folder knowing full well
their 20GB of crap won't bring my network to a grinding halt, but the
ability to be selective with your folders doesn't seem to be an option.

Another thing how come you can change the 'Amount of disk space...' slider
bar to a greater value only to find it goes back to the default setting
anyway - whats the point of that??

Is there a defacto size for how big a My Docs folder should be - overall
size and number of files wise??

Many thanks for any info you can give.