"Parameter is incorrect"

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Subject: "Parameter is incorrect"
Posted by:  Kelvin (…@mydomain.com)
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009

I'm getting an error that my script in 23 (the line that starts with "
WSHNetwork") has an error at Char 5. Error: "Parameter is incorrect"
Code: 80070057
Source: WSHNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive

Dim WSHShell, WSHNetwork, objDomain, DomainString, UserString, UserObj, Path
'Disconnect ALL mapped drives
Set clDrives = WshNetwork.EnumNetworkDrives
For i = 0 to clDrives.Count -1 Step 2
    WSHNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive clDrives.Item(i), True, True

'Give the PC time to do the disconnect, wait 300 milliseconds
wscript.sleep 300

I thought I had this part working, but now it's kicking up an error...

I'm not much of a programmer so don't have much to go on to resolve this.
Is there a better way to do this, or can someone show me what I need to
change to make this work?

XP Pro workstations
MS 2003 Server

Thanks a million!