BSOD during Install

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Subject: BSOD during Install
Posted by:  Alex Clark (quan…@noemail.noemail)
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009

Hi All,

I'm wondering (hoping/begging/praying) if anyone can shed any light on this,
as it's cost me a load of time already.

I'm trying to install Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 on a machine.  I can get it
to boot from the CD, load files etc, but while still at the TEXT stage of
the installation, with the blue background and the white footer that shows
which files are being loaded, when it gets to the stage of "Starting
Windows" I get an instant BSOD.

The error is 0x0000007b - which means something along the lines of
"Inaccessible Boot Device".  I believe what setup is saying is that it
cannot locate any hard drives (or their controllers) and therefore it
immediately crashes.  I get exactly the same error if I unplug all the hard

However, if I try to install the 32bit version (which I did to test my
sanity) it recognises the hard drive and installs perfectly.

The machine has an Abit AB9 motherboard.  The target install HDD is
connected to the first SATA port on the mainboard.  The CD-ROM drive is
plugged into the IDE port.  The machine is running the latest BIOS.  I have
tried connecting the hard-drive into different SATA ports but to no avail.

I thought this may be due to Windows setup requiring 64bit AHCI/RAID drivers
in order to see the drives, so I copied these to a floppy and successfully
specified them at the very first stage of setup (i.e. the Press F6 to load
additional...etc stage), but this had no effect.  These were downloaded from
the Abit website and are the latest versions available.

There is only one option regarding SATA in the BIOS, which allows a pair of
separate SATA ports (not the primary ports that the main drive is connected
to) to emulate IDE mode.  I've tried setting this to IDE, RAID, and AHCI but
to no avail.  I have tried connecting the drive into those ports with each
of those three settings, but again - nothing.  Same BSOD with the 0x0000007b

Frankly I'm stumped and I've run out of ideas, but this isn't the worst

The really weird thing is, this machine *did* have Windows Server 2003 R2
x64 installed on it at one time (roughly 3 years ago) - this is actually a
reinstall on a new disc.  The worst part?  I'm the one who installed it the
first time around!

I cannot remember doing anything unusual during the setup phase, or even
having to specify extra drivers (that ole F6 option).  It just seemed to
work.  Perfectly.

Can anyone offer any advice, or perhaps even some psychiatric counselling,
to help me?